Is your dam leaking? plain or unsightly? overgrown with scrub or reeds? silted up?
Our Long Reach Excavator has a boom reach of 15m allowing for easy cleaning out of dams
and general excavations.
We can fix the problems and in the process improve the shape, add an island, landscape the surrounds. As well as earthmoving and excavations we can assist with planting advice, planting plans & landscape design.

Rodwell Movez Earth (Earthmoving) also specialises in the design and construction of new dams and lakes. We draw on our extensive knowledge of earthworks and the district and its soil types to help select the best site for a dam or lake. The inclusion of an island can improve the aesthetics and provide habitat for birds.

Above ground water storages or ‘Turkey’s Nests’ can also be a valuable addition to many properties providing ongoing water for gardens, irrigation and stock using

the gravity fed water supply constructed.